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Welcome to Elk Peak Kennels

Elk Peak Kennels is dedicated to promoting love for the animals, particularly, dogs—man’s best friend. We like seeing our dogs smile and so we decided to create a site so that we could share with others the fun and excitement that we experience each time we go out and play and just have some fun. Yup, that’s Pistol you are seeing above, carrying an old antler she found. Pistol is one of our German Wirehaired Pointers (GWPs) in our kennel (I mean family). As you can see they are happy and willing to please! We train our own pets and they train us too!  All dogs can attain best behavior and it is up to you (the Owner) to make that happen!

Our mission is to provide you with good insights and tips about our dog training methods, dog sports, grooming, and supply you with important dates and events that you and your pets can enjoy together and at the same time be able to socialize with other dogs and owners. In addition, we will help owners stop behavior problems using proper training and reward-based techniques that are fun and effective for both people and dogs.



Upcoming Events

It's that time of year for Field Trials, Hunt tests, and shed hunting!

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